Activity’s/Parent Lounge Assistant - Saboten Con 2023

  • Monkey Paw Entertainment, Inc
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Aug 19, 2023
Barter Programming

Job Description

This is a barter position for the Activity’s Lounge/Parent Lounge at Saboten-Con. The Activity’s Lounge and Parents Lounge are places where people can relax, do crafts, and play games.

The Activitys’ Lounge has crafts, manga, programming, board games, and large game sets.

The Parents Lounge is more of a place for parent’s to go when their child is attending a panel. It has coffee and tea, magazines, and board games. This room will also have programming for older attendees.

Both Lounges will have activities planned for each day and some that are every few hours. Some of the Main Responsibilities are:

• Answering questions about the room

• Giving out extra craft materials

• Making sure that books are not leaving the room

• Crafts are semi-organized

• Monitoring Games

• Giving directions for games

• Judging the Art Contest

It would be great if:

• You enjoy doing activities

• You are creative and can draw

• Can talk to people easily

These are not required, but do make you a better candidate. Just being in the room, will help us significantly, to make sure things run smoothly. You will be working a shift with one other person during the programming and will be with the Coordinator. If anything arises you will ask the Coordinator for help or radio for a Manager.