Panel Management Event Support - Saboten Con 2022

  • Monkey Paw Entertainment, Inc
  • Aug 03, 2022
Barter Programming

Job Description

The Panel Management Team is responsible for assisting Guests, Panelists, and Attendees during the convention. This includes Line and Access, Technical Support, Room Arrangement and General Customer Service. This is a physical job that requires a lot of walking in a fast-paced environment. Critical thinking skills to attend and resolve any issues that may arise is an important quality to have.

Shifts will generally last between 4 to 6 hours a day. Although the Event Support is welcome to work extra if they would like to, but it's not required. The Team is flexible, so if interested in attending a Panel, or seeing a Guest, the Team is willing to work with you.

The Team also works with the other departments involved within the convention. This would include Security, Guest Relations, Sales, and more. There is onsite training provided, along with crucial information that will help in performing the job each day effectively.

It is also required to have a radio during each shift, so there will be brief training on radio etiquette. It's okay to be new to it.