Cosplay First Aid Station (Saboten Con)

  • Monkey Paw Entertainment, Inc
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Jun 14, 2019
Barter Programming

Job Description

The Cosplay First Aid Station provides supplies and sewing machines for any attendee to use to repair any minor issues with costumes, wigs and props.  Event support for the Cosplay First Aid Station help attendees in finding the supplies needed to make minor repairs to their costumes and helps those attendees that need help with the minor repairs.  

This is a barter position, which means you will be bartering your time with this company in return for items of equal value. This can include badge(s), vouchers for merchandise, and vouchers for meals. The amount you receive as barter will depend on the hours that you work during the event. The barter system is a legal payment process documented by the IRS.